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ZHCPT celebrate 10th anniversary
2016-03-30 17:41   审核人:

  On November 9, ZHCPT held a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of our school,  school alumni, university-enterprise cooperation enterprise representatives, college and university leaders, and government officials were invited.  

  ZHCPT was set up in 2004 on the bases of 4 schools including Zhuhai College of Education, and  has trained more than 10 technical skills talents for the society in the past 10 years, which is a big contribution to the economic and social development of Zhuhai.

 In recent years, our school develops the school-running pattern of ‘Double Ternary Systems’, a strategy to combine the advantages of government, college, and enterprises, or those of industry, college and enterprises, and lead to an open operation mode of integrating industrial production, course study, scientific research and practice. And at the same time, we cultivate professionals for high-end manufacturing, high-tech industries , high-end services , featured marine economy and ecological agriculture, with specialties designed for the target industries.  Last year, ZHCPT was determined by Guangdong Education Department as one of the third batch of demonstration project construction units of higher vocational colleges in Guangdong province. We are now at a new phase of development.

  The celebration officially kicked off at 9 o 'clock in the morning. At the opening ceremony, President Liu Hua-qiang reviewed the past ten years of the school since its foundation,  summarized the achievements obtained, and looked far into the future development of "specialization, internationalization and branding".Mr.Qiu Shi, Deputy Secretary-general of Municipal Government  appraised our school for all achievements we have gained, and encouraged us to seize the opportunity for a quicker and better development of the vocational education of our college.Mr. Chen Xianren, a graduate of 2005 grade student from CNC specialty expressed his gratitude and best wishes for his Alma Mater on behalf of all alumni.

  On the same day of the celebration, the opening ceremony of the seventh annual meeting of  "double certificate" higher vocational and technical education research association working committee was also held.Department heads from Human Resources And Social Security Professional Skill Appraisal Center under the Double Certificate Working Committee as well as the related departments and more than 100 delegates from vocational colleges all over the country attended the meeting.In addition, the same day saw the opening of 2014 annual meeting of Zhuhai Association Of Vocational Education, the opening ceremony of National Professional Skill Appraisal Center , theatrical performances of teachers and students, and alumni discussion, etc.

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