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Prof. Chau - Ming Wong from St. Joseph College (Rensselaer) , Indiana, USA Visit Us
2016-03-30 17:39   审核人:

  October 29, Prof. Chau - Ming Wong,Vice President Assistant Of St. Joseph College, Indiana, USA (Rensselaer), together with Ms Chen Tieshuang, the admission adviser visited our school. Our guests came to discuss Top-up courses and short term exchange program for teachers and students. President Liu Hua-qiang, Vice President Liu xiang-yang, and related foreign exchange cooperation personnel received Prof. Chau - Ming Wong and his company.  

  After a candid and detailed communication on relevant issues, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation agreement. St. Joseph College(Rensselaer) is located in the city of Rensselaer, Indiana, USA, and was founded in 1889. It is a private college of integrated disciplines research, recognized as a key institute by the US Ministry of Education for its innovative education mode.

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