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New Breakthroughs in Our Schools Connotation Construction
2016-03-30 17:35   审核人:

   Four specialties of ZHCPT including electronic information engineering technology, numerical control technology, social work, logistics management have been accredited as key specialties, and tourism management training base accredited as the provincial training base. The lists were released in the “Notice On Further Improve The Key Specialty Construction Of Higher Vocational Colleges During The 12th Five-Year Period” (YJGH [2014] No. 85) And “Notice On The Publication Of 2013 Provincial Higher Vocational Education Training Base Construction Projects (YJGH[2014] No. 49), respectively, by Guangdong Education Department in early July.

There are about 200 provincial key specialties selected by Guangdong Province as preferred construction projects. As the focus of the provincial scheme of specialties construction,  the electronic information engineering technology, numerical control technology, professional social work of our school, are directly identified as provincial key specialties construction project;while logistics management specialty is determined through the selection procedure of the key construction projects. The construction period of these specialties is 2 years.Tourism management training base of our school has also independently gone through all the procedure from application to expert evaluation, and has been verified as 2013 provincial higher vocational education training base construction project, with a construction period of 2 years.

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