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Congratulations on Triumphant Return of Guangdong Grand Champion in Taiwan TEMI2014 Contest!
2016-03-30 17:32   审核人:

  Led by President Liu Huaqiang, a team of 16 members of ZHCPT teachers and students took part in 2014 TEMI International Micro-controller Technical and Creative Application Contest from May 9 to 13 inHsiuping University of Science and Technologyof Taiwan and made a marvelous achievement. It is the highest level competition in this field we have ever attended over the years and the best performance we have ever made.

  The team of 11 students from School of Electronic Information Engineering, 2 students from Double Certificates Education Center and 4 teachers participated in four competitions and won the Grand Championship of Guangdong Group in addition to the champion and runner-up in r/c car football contest, the champion, the third prize, and 3 honorable mention in r/c car maze game, 2 gold , one silver, one bronze , and 2 honorable mention in electronic components desoldering contest, and a silver in digital logic design competition.

  To our pleasant surprise, Maoming Vocational and Technical College, a partner in model school construction program supported by our college,  also made an excellent performance. The team of 3 students and 2 teachers grabbed a gold, a bronze and an honorable mention in the electronic components desoldering contest, and a silver and an honorable mention in r/c car football contest.

  It is reported that 454 teams ( including individual competitors ) of 66 universities from Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia took part in the contest. A total of 78 teams or 103 competitors represent 8 colleges from Guangdong Province, which are Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Guangdong Vocational College of Science and Technology , Guangdong Industry Technical College, Guangzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College, Guangdong Vocational College of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, Foshan Vocational and Technical College and Guangdong Vocational NGS Academy.

  The event is designed into seven contest programs, namely, the athletics creative contest including r/c car football, self-propelled vehicles racing and r/c car maze; skill and artistic contest including desoldering electronic components, digital logic design, circuit board design. Creative athletics and skills and artistry contest are classified into two levels: the vocational group at college level and high school level, respectively.  T1 Bluetooth voice tracking car contest, an Intelligent Interactive Technology program, is arranged into vocational high schools group and junior school group. Rewards depend solely on the performance of the participants of the contest, with no limit of the number of contest they will attend.

  The event is sponsored by Taiwan TEMI and organized byHsiuping University of Science and Technologyof Taiwan and Zhuhai City Polytechnic, and assisted by Guangdong Education Steering Committee of Information Technology and Vocational Education, Guangdong Vocational Education IT Steering Committee for Specialty Education, Taiwan 1111 HR Bank, Chinese Society of Professional Committee of Embedded Computer Systems, Suzhou Institute of Industrial Technology of Jiangsu Province, Federation of Malaysian Chinese School Directors Association, and Taiwan Computer Skills Foundation .

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